A Quick Guide to Septic Tanks and Septic Systems In Georgia

Septic tanks and systems are a fact of life in many Buford homes, especially in the more rural areas where public sewer access is impossible or too costly. These systems can run smoothly and are usually built well enough to last for decades, but just like any other part of your home, they do require maintenance in order to keep running to their fullest capabilities. Changing soil composition, increased usage, and the prevalence of chemicals in household products can all lead to the breakdown of these systems.

Our qualified experts from Ms. Rooter Septic Tank Buford, GA have the experience necessary to ensure your septic system works like it should – ensuring you don’t have problems (or nasty messes) while performing routine maintenance, including regular septic tank pumping. With regular maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your whole system.

For more information, please reach out to us today. Delaying any maintenance or work now could lead to immense problems in the future.

Septic Tanks are Part of a Comprehensive System

Most of us don’t really think about our septic tanks all that much. However, you need to ensure that it is getting the right attention because it does handle all of the waste and wastewater from within your home – if something goes wrong, you will have an unsanitary mess on your hands.

A system isn’t just composed of the tank, however. There is also the interior plumbing, the pipe that brings everything to the tank, gas release vents, and a water distribution system that delivers the water back to the soil when it is ready.

If even one part of the system isn’t working properly, you can have major issues.

Septic Tanks Handle the “Dirty Work”

Now, there is a reason septic tanks get the most attention. Most of the work is done inside the septic tank. All the wastewater is brought from the building to the tank outside, but that is only half of the journey. Naturally, the contents of the tank will break down into three distinct layers. The heavier waste sinks to the bottom and is referred to as “sludge,” while the lighter materials form a layer of “scum” that rises to the top. The refined fluids in the center are called “effluent,” and this is what safely exits the tank and returns to nature.

These layers are each like their own little universes. Natural bacteria and time ensure everything performs the way it should unless something disrupts that universe.

Schedule Septic Tank Cleaning Every 3-5 Years

Septic pumping is necessary to remove the buildup that forms in the tank. Depending on the tank size and the number of people who contribute to filling it, you can plan on having your septic tank maintenance every three to five years. Once you go through the process a few times (especially if you work with the same septic company), you will have a good idea about your schedule.

However, homes with garbage disposals tend to fill up the reservoir with solids faster, and these tanks may need pumping annually. Septic systems also need to be checked regularly, to make sure everything is in top condition, and this can be done when you have your regular septic pumping done. Keeping up with the necessary septic tank service also helps ensure that the pipes don’t back up. Drain cleaning can be done as a preventative measure, to help clear any residue, or as an emergency measure, when you’ve got a backup.

These regular check-ups don’t take that long, but they can prevent issues in the future that could take a long time, cost a lot of money, and cause a lot of disruption to your life.

Contact Ms. Rooter Today For Buford, GA Septic Help

Septic tanks do require some specialized TLC that most homeowners can’t do on their own, and absolutely shouldn’t attempt. At Ms. Rooter, the technicians we work with can handle it all with the utmost professionalism.

Whether you need general septic tank service and septic pumping or are facing an emergency due to a backup, our experienced technicians are glad to help. Call (770) 763 7979 and schedule your appointment right away.

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