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The aerobic septic system is becoming one of the most popular alternative systems on the market. While most units are very basic and are designed to operate without oxygen, an aerobic septic system intentionally adds it in order to break down biological materials faster. With that said, they do require different care and maintenance than traditional models do, but at Ms. Rooter Septic Tank Buford, GA, our experienced technicians are knowledgeable in them all and can handle the install, routine care, and any emergency issues or repairs that may arise.

How an Aerobic Septic System Differs from a Traditional Model

Aside from the presence of oxygen, there are some other noticeable differences between how the two models work. With a traditional model, all the wastewater from a building enters a tank via a mainline. Most tanks have two compartments, though some of the older ones have a single compartment. As the wastewater flows into the tank, it divides into three layers. The buoyant materials, such as grease and toilet paper, rise to the top, and the dense materials sink to the bottom. The liquid in the center is referred to as “effluent,” which moves from one chamber to the next, and then is dispersed into an underground absorption field or leach field, where the bacteria in the soil finishes cleaning it before it reaches the water table.

The oxygenated units start out practically the same, with all the wastewater entering into a tank and distributing into layers. The rest of the activity may take place in multiple independent tanks or in separate compartments of the initial tank, with the next stop for the effluent being an aeration area. This tank, or a part of the tank, uses an air pump to oxygenate the effluent. After this, it moves onto a chlorination area, then to a tank where it waits to be pumped. Finally, the units use sprinklers in a spray field to disperse the treated water, versus the leach field that a traditional unit calls for.

Aerobic Septic System Installation

Like the traditional units, the oxygenated units need installation from a licensed professional, and it’s great to choose someone who not only understands how the units work, but that also can work the mechanical and electrical components of them. Our trained septic technicians handle everything, from designs to permits, and the physical installation, so you can rest assured your unit has been correctly installed and will provide you with years of use.

Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Your unit will need some care on your part. Chlorine needs to be added periodically, normally on a monthly basis. Some systems are set up to accept household liquid bleach, but many require special septic-safe chlorine tablets, which are safe for the unit and won’t kill your grass as pool tablets will. You’ll also need to have the tanks pumped to remove the buoyant and dense layers every 3-5 years, or more often if you have a garbage disposal.

Aerobic Septic System Inspections

As for the routine pumping, our technicians will examine all the parts to ensure they’re working properly and will also clean out air filters and other components. This allows us to catch any issues with the unit before you have an actual problem with it. We can also complete formal inspections and necessary paperwork for real estate transactions.

Aerobic Septic System Emergency Calls and Repairs

Most of the systems come equipped with an alarm to alert you if there is a problem. It’s important to get in touch with Ms. Rooter Septic Tank Buford, GA right away if your alarm goes off, so you can minimize the potential for damage. You should also place a call if you notice any signs the unit might be failing, such as standing water, a foul odor, or backups.

Contact Ms. Rooter for All Your Aerobic Septic System Needs

Our licensed technicians have the skills and experience to assure your unit is installed properly and that it continues running in top form for decades. If you need help with an install, maintenance, or a repair, call (770) 763 7979 today.

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