Septic Tank Risers Information For Buford, GA

Installing septic tank risers can make it much easier for you or your technician to access your below-ground reservoir, but they don’t come standard with most system installations. This is because access is needed so infrequently that many business owners and homeowners simply prefer to have the whole thing hidden from sight for aesthetics. At Ms. Rooter, our reliable septic technicians are glad to include them from the onset and can retrofit them at any point down the line, provided your unit is in good condition.

Septic tank risers are a good idea for anyone who will need frequent pumping or maintenance, meaning anyone who has a lot of people living in their home, have multiple units attached to one field or tank, or anyone who cooks and uses garbage disposal. Other reasons someone may want risers is if they have drains in their garage, they own a spa or pool, or they have a business.

What Do Septic Tank Risers Do?

Normally, reservoirs are buried underground and the access ports must be located and excavation performed before pumping or an inspection can be done. Septic tank risers are like pipes, generally made from PVC, that connect to the manholes on the reservoir and extend to ground level. Locking covers are attached to the top for safety.

Risers help to limit the amount of excavation that needs to be done when maintenance is needed. It can also make pumping easier, which is a major benefit for most people.

What are the Pros and Cons of Installing Them?

Deciding whether to add risers to your septic system is a personal choice, and you’ll find some of the pros and cons below.


  • Access to the reservoir is instant
  • No more digging or the added expense of digging
  • You’ll always know where your unit is located


  • The covers can be unsightly
  • The install costs money

There are ways to work around some of the cons, and you can talk to your technician about how to hide the covers, see an example of the cover, and understand how everything works.

What’s Involved in Installing Septic Tank Risers?

Interestingly, most municipalities consider this installation a change to the unit and, as such, they require a special permit to add them. Our experienced septic technicians are familiar with all the local codes and will obtain any necessary permits in advance, so you stay compliant with the law. In Buford, it can take some time for a regular person to get these permits, so it is best to work with the septic company.

Throughout the installation, the top of the reservoir is cleared of soil and the existing covers are removed. Cement covers can be left on top of the reservoir and be closed up with it or can be removed entirely. During this time, children and pets should be kept out of the area, to ensure nobody falls in. Our highly-trained technicians work fast to minimize the danger and are careful to keep the area clear for safety. Once the area is clear, the septic tank risers and lids are attached in place and the top of the reservoir is covered in dirt again.

Call Ms. Rooter to Have Your Septic Tank Risers Installed by Our Experts

Over the lifetime of your unit, risers are a sound investment. They save you money because excavation is no longer needed when your unit needs pumping, an inspection, or maintenance, and you can be sure you’ll never have to pay someone to locate the reservoir again, either. Our licensed technicians have the training to ensure that your install will be performed safely and properly, as well as the experience to do it in an expeditious manner and to code. If you’d like a comprehensive estimate on installing septic tank risers, call us at (770) 763-7979 today.

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